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The German Bitcoin Week is an international gathering of pioneers, researchers, coders, enthusiasts, investors and entrepreneurs coming together to spread Bitcoin knowledge. Whilst the money printers go brrrrrr, Bitcoiners will be congregating in the banking capital of Europe to advance the first distributed, permissionless, trustless and censorship-resistent network and digital asset through numerous meetups, workshops, talks and dinner parties. No event is too big and no party too small, as long as it's done in the spirit of the mother of all Blockchains: Bitcoin. Let's unite and praise Satoshi!



Bitcoin is a decentralised digital currency, giving high financial power and sovereignty back to the people. In this respect, Bitcoin Week is designed as a festival of decentralisation itself, by presenting a multitude of independent events - true to the motto "the more, the merrier". What's planned? You'll have the chance to expand your Bitcoin knowledge and network at every single one of the events. Some highlights include a workshop tackling the Lightning Network, a scaling solution that could bring Bitcoin to the masses; a workshop on how to circumvent surveillance by the very banksters that populate the great city of Frankfurt; arts and memes with the grandmaster of memetics; panel discussions between the roaring dinosaurs of financial legacy and the proponents of a new monetary freedom and individual sovereignty; last but not least as an opening concert of this festival, the third annual edition of the UNCHAIN Convention.